Monday, July 12, 2010

Afraid of the Water? not a big fan of water.

This would be the place for a picture of him screaming in the bathtub. However, when he screams in the bathtub, I am either holding him or putting laundry away in his room. Just imagine a wrinkled up nose, eyes squeezed shut and an ear-piercing scream.

So, we have basically decided to put him in or around the water whenever possible.

It seems to be working!

My eardrums have not burst during swim lessons. Yet.

Actually, I thought he had turned a corner.

Today, we got out our new backyard kiddie pool. There was laughing. There was dumping of water. There was squealing (of the happy kind). There was a small fight over who got which measuring cup. I was all set to weed the garden.

Then, he fell down. Cried. Wanted a hug. Got over it.

Crisis averted.

Until...he started crying again. He wasn't happy in the pool. Playing with the water table. Helping me pull weeds. (This is actually something I have to stop my boys from doing!)

Me: Do you want me to get out a ball? (He loves balls.)


At this point, I am about to concede that our efforts to make him like the water have failed. Miserably

Finally, we went inside. As I pulled down his trunks, something fell onto my foot (first hitting the stool and my arm). I'll give you a hint - it was not pleasant and I had to use plenty of soap and disinfectant spray.

Apparently, that is why he was not happy outside. Makes sense.

We'll try the pool again later...

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