Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going to the Fair

We wouldn't miss a chance to go to the county fair. Animals, greasy food, hot sun, rides...what's not to love?

First, we went to kids day.

The boys got some free balloons, courtesy of our local politicians. Then, I made the poor little guys stare into the bright sun while I took a picture.

We went over to see some of the animals. The chickens and bunnies were a hit.

No pictures from the swine barn though. A pig grunted and made our little man cry. Terrifying, I'm sure.

The next night (notice the change of clothes!), we took the boys back for a nutricious dinner of corn dogs and a ride. ($17 for an armband?! We'll pick a ride and buy tickets, thanks.)

After a walk around and a look at every ride, the motorcycles won out.

Is he pointing? Rocking out? I don't really know.

The train seemed like a good bet for both boys. It was...

...until it was time to get off. The slightly more dramatic of our two children proceeded to cry. All the way home.

The end.

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