Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This Kid

This kid makes me smile.

He's kind of a happy kid. Can you tell?

He likes to run through the sprinkler. He tells me that the water is "pretty wet."

He also likes to play the piano. While wearing his turtle puppet. And telling his brother to use only one finger. He will ask to see this picture as soon as it is taken because, well, he doesn't know cameras haven't always shown you the picture right away.

He also knows the password for any "troll bridges" you might find. I would hate to give away the secret, but suffice it to say that the password also makes the clubhouse appear on "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."

Despite the fact that our cats and our dog sometimes fear him, he loves animals. This is Chip (Dale was apparently down the path). Chip actually sniffed his hand. I'm sure it was because Chip wanted to be friends and not because there may have been a scent of peanut butter.

Did I mention that he cracks me up?

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