Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sometimes, I hear whispers. They come from little girls, ladies in the grocery store, nice old people...

They tend to whisper about my little man's cheeks. The ones on his face, of course! I know what you were thinking. In case you were wondering, the word "pinch" is often used.

I suppose he is rather *ahem* well-endowed in the cheek department.

I think he may be part chipmunk because those cheeks sometimes serve as a food storage area. He kind of likes to eat.

He also happens to have a cute laugh, a fondness for showing you his tongue, and a love of giggling and running away when you are trying to catch him. Of course, the ladies at the grocery store don't see these things quite as readily.

I can see how his cheeks might draw your attention.

However, when he wears his shades the cheeks sort of take a backseat.

These shades won him the admiration of a whole crew of tourists. He was photographed at Red Rocks and the subject of much conversation in Kansas City. I'm not sure what language the nice ladies in Colorado were speaking, but I'm pretty sure they used the word "cute"

...a lot.

That's certainly the word I would use.

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