Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Call Him "Bug Juice"


calls his little brother...

Bug Juice.

(I'm pretty sure the above picture was generated by a comment, such as "Mommy, look at Bug Juice!")

We don't really know why. Except that Bug Juice (you know, this stuff) is apparently quite the treat.

Incidentally, everyone else gained food related nicknames. Daddy is "Ketchup." Mommy is "Corn." Uncle Mike is goober, but that's a story for a different day.

The "Ketchup" name caused a bit of an issue the other night. See, I really do NOT (do you get the point here?) like the smell of ketchup. This is important to the story, so remember it.

Anyway, the following conversation took place.

Big Brother (formerly known as "Chicken Nugget"): Mommy, do you like ketchup? (giggles)

Mommy (aka "Corn"): Umm...not really sweetie.


Mommy: Oh! Do you mean Daddy?! Oh, well I like Daddy, but I don't like ketchup ketchup.

Big Brother: Daddy is Ketchup, Mommy! I mean, "Corn." Do you like Daddy?

Mommy Corn: Yes, sweetie. Yes, I like Daddy...I mean "Ketchup!" I just don't like real ketchup.

Oops. I hope it is clear to him now. I will feel bad if he develops some type of complex, thinking Mommy doesn't like Daddy.

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